SCIFI - Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation

An Interreg 2 Seas project

To capture 2 Seas open data potential and advance RIS3, SCIFI develops a transregional smart innovation framework:

Activate demand: Mechelen, Delft, Bruges, Saint-Quentin and associated cities (eg Suffolk, Cambridge) increase their technical capacity in open data and innovative market engagement.

Connect supply and expertise: Innovators are connected through business associations (Cambridge Cleantech, Agoria and transregional sister organisations). Faubourg Numérique (FN) and Southampton University (UoS) leverage their expert role in transnational open data initiatives (ODINE, OASC, ENoLL, FIWARE).

Demonstrate value: SCIFI uses an accelerator programme to test the framework conditions for innovation in mobility, energy, and clean environment. FN (Living Lab expert) and UoS (accelerator expert) coach cities and businesses in challenge ide ntification, procurement, solution co-creation & implementation. These will be success stories which demonstrate the value from open data.